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How It All Started

The story of Internet Design Wizard began when our founder, Aditya, decided to start his first business. He did not know much about starting or running a business! What he did know about was technology, so he figured he will use that to his advantage. The business was him offering photography services. He decided to build a website! And this is when Aditya discovered his passion and love for creating beautiful websites! But that was not the beginning of Internet Design wizard.

The Internet Design Wizard Story

The beginning of Internet Design Wizard

The idea for IDW started forming when Aditya was working with a designer and setting up a co-working space in Auroville.

The Co-working Space website was the second website he built, and this time the bug had bitten him. Aditya wanted to build websites every opportunity he got! Back then, he was building websites for non-profits and causes as a volunteer. But soon, a business associated with one of the non-profits wanted a website and reached out! This was the first time Aditya realised that there was viable business machinery already in place! From there, it was a process of setting up systems, creating a brand, marketing his own services—all things he had done for others over the last several months and had become quite good at. And thus, IDW was born!

The reason why we do it?

While building sites for non-profits and later for businesses and brands, Aditya had a realisation. For most people, tasks like setting up websites, social media, or email clients with their domain are arduous to do. By doing these, brands and organisations can reach larger audiences. They also look more professional. Which, in turn, leads to more business or donations and partnerships. 
Aditya realised he can help many entrepreneurs and non-profits realise their dreams and goals. Or maybe even surpass it!
That is why IDW is so dear to him!


We Go Above
and Beyond

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Satisfaction Matters

We won't stop till both of us are satisfied with the designs!  Yes, we have a problem. We are addicted to great designs. No, we don't need help with our addiction!

Only the best

We are perfectionists. We are also tech nerds. We only use the best platforms and technology to get the job done! We do not compromise on any account, We would rather spend several hours getting it as close to perfection as humanly possible than deliver a bad experience!

Built to Last

Regardless of whether we are working on a site or a strategy, we insist on working in such a way that the fruits of our labor last the test of time. We want you to be able to enjoy your results years from now!

Heart-Centered Service

Our business model is H2H. we serve hearts and minds, not businesses or customers! To us, our clients are our buddies and we want to see them grow and succeed. Your growth and success are our growth and success!

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